Escape Brisbane with a Health Retreat! Counselling, Yoga or Meditation Retreats Just for You

Take some time out for yourself and try something different that is apart from life in Brisbane. Our health retreats are an ideal way to relax in beautiful surroundings with caring people who will guide you through any challenging issues you have. At Beach Health Retreat, our private accommodation and tailored health programs will give you the peace, calmness and relaxing environment you need to recharge.

From Brisbane to a Yoga Retreat by the Beach

Regardless of your purpose for escaping Brisbane and coming to a yoga retreat, you will reap the benefits emotionally, mentally and physically. Yoga is known to increase flexibility, endurance and strength of the body as well as helping to align the spine and aid in correct posture. By strengthening your body and using the proper posture you decrease the chances of injury.

Teaching yoga during a retreat will aid in physical well-being and is a practice that can be taken back to your life in Brisbane. This, as well as meditation at a retreat, has been shown to decrease stress, lower anxiety and, in some, reduce the chances of heart disease.

With studies in yoga and various other health areas such as massage, nutrition, personal coaching and more, our owners Deb and Ian are adept at providing you with a well-balanced retreat experience. This retreat experience provides you with a private luxury self-contained beachside apartment. You will have access to 24/7 support by health practitioners that remain on site and be nourished by healthy food sourced from local organic farms and herbs straight from our permaculture garden.

You can be confident that your retreat environment is maintained and cared for with non-allergenic cleaning and sanitising products and you will have use of our chlorine-free swimming pool. Our location and retreat facilities will help you to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energised to take on life.

Mental Well Being is Important

Providing a space where you can seek counselling that is away from your Brisbane life will help to bring clarity and perspective. With qualifications and training from studies, health retreats and government departments, we are experienced in providing holistic counselling to individuals. Our private one-on-one sessions will help guide you through challenging issues or offer you the opportunity to talk to someone.

We can provide you with the tools needed to reach your maximum potential. These could include helping generate business, health or wellness strategies, dealing with anger or conflict resolution, or helping to clarify your purpose, goals and objectives. We also aim to help you identify distractions in your life so you can dissolve them, as well as helping you to empower your relationships.

With our private retreat programs offered as three-, five-, seven- or ten-day packages, you can take the time you need for yourself that will suit your schedule. Our retreats will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed in your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Contact us today to discuss booking a health retreat on the beach that is right for you.