Health & Fitness

Personal fitness isn’t just something you do on occasion.  It is a way of life.

It involves positive lifestyle changes and a commitment to improving health.

Beach Health Retreat employs dedicated fitness and life coaches that are determined to not only improve your body, but also your mind and soul.

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Stay fit for life

Staying physically fit has become a tremendous challenge. Very often, we must juggle a hectic work schedule, family, kids, community and social activities, and on top of it all, still try to find time to work out.  To receive the maximum benefit of a proper workout, it is often necessary to hire a personal trainer. Our goal for you at Beach Health Retreat is to have you reach your personal goal and stay fit for life.

The program includes an analysis of your current eating habits and designs a unique program that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Remember, the key to success is patience, determination, dedication and discipline.

Custom tailored training programs

Our personal training programs will be tailored specifically to you and your personal goals.  Each individual program includes scientific exercise progression, various motivational techniques to maintain your enthusiasm, and challenging workouts that test your mind, body, and soul.  Workouts are varied and interesting, incorporating different, innovative techniques to get the best results in the fastest amount of time. The individual supervision you’ll receive from one of our certified trainers will motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals.  Our programs are ideal for everyone from all walks of life.

Range of activities

We have a range of activities to choose from to add interest and variety.  We can canoe the beautiful Maroochy River, have a surfing lesson, walk or jog along the beach, utilise the gymnasium, take a martial arts class or participate in a yoga program.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.  It is important for maintaining physical fitness and can contribute positively to maintaining a healthy weight, building and maintaining healthy bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility.  But did you know that physical fitness also plays a vital role in promoting your physiological well-being, reducing surgical risks, and strengthening the immune system?

At Beach Health Retreat, we are firm believers that you can’t be 100% healthy, if you don’t have physical, as well as mental fitness.

Our trainers will not only transform your physical appearance, but we’ll also provide you with the tools to improve your overall wellness, well-being, and lifestyle. Our methods are time tested, proven, and designed with you, and your wellness, in mind.