Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is the physical, mental & spiritual discipline originating in India. The practice facilitates the attainment of a state of perfect spriritual insight and tranquility.


Join a Yoga Retreat on the sparkling Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Beach. Yoga  enhances strength, endurance and flexibility which aids posture, increased body awareness, aligning of the spine and stretching the muscles.

Numerous studies have shown that meditation has health benefits related to the decrease in stress that occurs through meditation. For example, with lower levels of stress and anxiety, the probability of heart disease can diminish significantly.

There is a growing awareness of the link between our state of mind and physical health. Quite often physical ailments are symptoms of inner turmoil. Meditation can give us peace of mind, and this can be a helpful step in avoiding many stress related ailments.  Meditation has also been shown to relieve pain associated with certain illnesses.

Detach From Your Thoughts

How often do you find yourself victim to your own negative thoughts? Some people are even of the opinion that it is impossible to control your thoughts. However, the art of meditation teaches that, not only is it possible to control our thoughts, but, we can learn to detach from them completely. Through meditation we can bring our unruly mind under control. This creates peace of mind and enables us to achieve what we want to.


When we live in the mind it is easy to get distracted by small irritations. For example, maybe we find it intolerable to be kept waiting in a line, or we get upset by a small misdemeanour of another person. The solution is not to avoid these minor problems, because they will keep appearing no matter how hard we may try.

The only effective solution is to develop detachment and keep things in perspective. A powerful benefit of meditation is that we are able to detach ourselves from these insignificant, yet irritating thoughts. This detachment is not indifference, it is just that we are able to maintain equanimity in the midst of life’s inevitable turbulence.


Meditation takes us to the source, which is to be found in our own peace of mind. If we have no peace of mind and are constantly attacked by negative thoughts, being present will remain elusive, no matter how successful we are on an outer plane. It is perhaps hard to imagine that poise can occur from the simple act of being. However, if we can meditate, we will discover an unexpected source within our own self.  Meditation shows us that mindfulness is not dependent on outer circumstances, but on our inner attitude.


Be it work, sport or music, concentration is essential to fulfill our potential. In one pointed concentration where there is great power; our energy and focus do not get dissipated. When we have concentration we can do more in less time. Through meditation, we gradually improve our powers of concentration. This focus can be used for both meditation, and also other activities we engage in.

Spontaneity and Creativity

When we live in the thinking mind, we are usually preoccupied with the past or future. When we spend our energy on the past and present, we cover up our natural spontaneity and creativity. We may feel we have neither creativity or spontaneity, but, if we can learn to silence the mind, we realise that we have far more potential than we currently believe. Some of the great thinkers and scientists were able to make important discoveries when they could absorb themselves in their work, to the exclusion of all else. Meditation helps us to live in the current moment, and thus can help us to unlock our creative potential.

Discovering the Purpose of Life.

If you are satisfied with your current life of if you feel perfect contentment and happiness then, at the moment, meditation is not necessary. However, if you feel empty inside; if you aspire to know more about the nature of existence and life, then a private yoga retreat with a personal guided yoga and  meditation program can be of great help. Usually we look for meaning in life through external events and other people. Meditation, however, shows us that we can gain a greater understanding of life through knowing who we are.  In meditation, we gain a new perspective of life, uncoloured by our own egoistic perspective. For those who wish it, meditation can become a lifelong process of answering the eternal question: “Who am I?”

The benefits of meditation are real, but, it also requires perseverance. It is a mistake to expect all these benefits in the first few attempts; the mind takes time to tame. Also, it is difficult to explain all the benefits of meditation, because it involves a state of consciousness that cannot be expressed by words. To appreciate the benefits of meditation, it is essential to meditate yourself. Alas, it is not sufficient to just read about it. Start meditating today!


Beach Health Retreat  offers customised private yoga retreats with yoga and meditation facilitators who have trained through the lineage of Yogananda and Krishnamacharya. Your personal yoga retreat private lessons starts with breath work paired with simple yoga asanas and ends with Savasana. Savasana is the final relaxation stage which enables the body to understand the new information it has received through practicing yoga.


In the comfort of your apartment or your private rooftop at our luxurious beach front yoga retreat . The park or the beach for the ultimate nature experience.

Duration: from 2 to 10 days (yoga retreats customised to your needs).

Private sessions can also  be arranged with our yoga retreat  facilitators by the hour.

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