Online Counselling


Online counselling offers flexibility. You can start a session anywhere, at any time, as long as you have a device.

This is a great time saver for busy people.

For many people it takes away barriers they may experience accessing services such as mobility or travel .

Saving time, petrol and even parking fees is a more economical option

Our service is open to anyone affected by emotional wellbeing issues and wanting to look at the issues from a different perspective.

The most important factor is wanting to make changes.  If you have a strong desire to create changes in your life, then Beach Health Retreat counsellors will support you with this process.

We can also assist people concerned about a family member or friend. If you are feeling impacted by someone else’s health or wellbeing issues then you will be of much more help to them if you can also access support services such as Beach Health Retreat online marriage counselling.

The service is secure and confidential.

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For 100% confidentiality we recommend an encrypted chat app.

Apps including Messenger, Signal or Whatsapp etc can allow video calls

Phone calls are perfectly adequate and do not rely on the internet.

Texting via any of the above

This is a time where you need to focus.

Please find a quiet private space where you can communicate uninterrupted.

Beach Health Retreat recommends that you have a journal and write notes during your sessions, such as moments of awareness.

Please leave at least 15 minutes free after your session to review your notes, do some journalling or process the session.  Of course this is ideal and not always possible.

Disadvantages of Online Counselling

Audio conversation between two people can be misinterpreted, or feelings may not be adequately expressed or explained. If you feel this is the case, it is important to seek clarification from your Beach Health Retreat counsellor to clear up any misunderstanding.

In a crisis, we recommend seeking other forms of support such as free telephone support from the National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline on 1800 250 015.

If you are dealing with an emergency, please contact 000.

When can I start a chat?

Online counselling at Beach Health Retreat is here for all people looking for support for emotional wellbeing, whether it’s the first time you have sought help or you are in treatment but need an extra hand. With counselling support you may find it easier to create new ways of dealing with any challenges

Counsellors are available with a few days notice, making it a useful addition to your coping toolkit.

Who will I be chatting with?

Beach Health Retreat counsellors are professionally qualified with specialised experience in depression, anxiety, relationship, parenting issues, alcohol and other drug counselling and work extensively in face-to-face services.

How do I start a chat counselling session?

It is easy to start chatting with our counsellors:

  1. Click on ‘phone’ tab Call us 07 5409 7577 on the home page or email on with appointment times
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  3. A case history form will be emailed.  Please complete the  information to provide background information for the online counsellor
  4. Provide type of communication, eg. phone, video call or texting

This service is only available to people who speak English or use a translator.


$2 per minute for first hour and $1 per minute after that. 


Dear Deb

Thank you for showing me how to re-appreciate the importance of balance in this life with a truly life changing psychology & counselling program.

Thank you for showing me how that with darkness does come light, knowing that darkness nor light are forever and in that I can now fully understand and more importantly  see the positive in negative and negative in positive situations.

Thank you for your wisdom now from the experiences you have had, your willingness, warmth, kindness and understanding to share what you know with me as part of our counselling sessions.

Thank you for re-affirming my understanding and now knowing that health is more than body but also mind and spirit. And thank you for your connection with Ian and how you have worked together as a team to help  me consolidate this philosophy, that we are indeed part of a much bigger force and energy as one in this life together.

Thank you for helping me to open up my heart much more, to trust in my intuition and to bring confidence into my spirit so that I too can shine my light, just as you shine yours in helping others.

Best councellor ever, I have loved not only the outcome but the process and entire journey.

For this time, guidance and experience I will be eternally grateful!

With sincere best wishes


We're just a call away
  (07) 5409 7577