Holistic counselling in Maroochydore

Counselling to truly Transform Your Life

Holistic counselling in Maroochydore.

Counselling and coaching in-house at retreat accommodation, on phone nation wide and local out-calls to Sunshine Coast Qld (Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Alexandra headland, Buderim & surrounds)

Holistic counselling services is a very powerful modality. Our success is evident with each client. We guarantee our cutting edge personal and relationship counselling process can support you with your desired  life transformation and satisfaction.

Money back guarantee if not satisfied with your first counselling session!

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Holistic Counselling Maroochydore & Surrounds on the Sunshine Coast

Our training and 45 years plus experience in psychology and holistic counselling (personal and relationship counselling) provide you  powerful help and support with challenging issues and transcending, depression, anxiety and blocks holding you back from reaching your maximum potential for both success and life satisfaction.

The success of our holistic counselling programs for individuals and couples provides us with the unique confidence and  ability to remove the risk to you by offering a full money back guarantee.

Beach Health Retreat utilizes integrative psychology with a holistic healing system and the mind as the  key factor in supporting vitality and maintaining conscious relationship and connection to self, other, environemt and life’s underlying wholeness, wonder and beauty.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by challenges and would love assistance to move beyond them?

Are you feeling burdened by a past event and would love to break free of that ‘twinge’ you feel when recalling it?

Would you like to experience having and recieveing more appreciation, satisfaction, love and succes in your marriage or relationships?

Would you love to resolve personal, relationship or marriage  issues and calm your emotions, finding deep appreciation, inspiration and peace in a short space of time?

1-on-1 counselling sessions

Deborah Pepperdine and Ian Trew have professional qualifications in  psychology, holistic counselling, yoga, ayurveda and life coaching. They have been consulting individuals on personal, relationship and professional matters for over two decades. Specialising in; personal psychology, relationship counselling and marriage counselling  as part of retreat programs on Sunshine Coast, as outcalls to local Sunshine Coast residence and nationally as online counselling and phone counselling.

In your 1-on-1 private holistic counselling consultations, you will be gently guided through a 3 step process to reveal and define your personal or relationship challenge and counselling session goals. Holisitic Counselling sessions utilise a proces to gently and powerfully support and guide you through your psychology (related perceptions, thoughts and emotions) so that you break through your limitations, resolve your issue and empower your life. Further we provide effective tools that let you develop the links between your personal psycholgy, relationships, diet and lifestyle to empower your life, transcend limitations and find deep peace, wonder and satisfaction.

Use your holistic counselling consultation to:

  • Clarify your private, relationship or professional purpose, goals and objectives
  • Learn processes to be your own psychologist to stay focused, enthusiastic and vital in life, relationship and marriage.
  • Break through and transcend anger, fear or depression
  • Generate powerful business and personal development strategies
  • Develop health, wellness & life satisfaction management strategies
  • Learn to build real wealth and financial mastery
  • Resolve personal conflicts and dissolve distractions
  • Empower relationship dynamics with relationship counselling

Sessions can be conducted as telephone counselling or Skype, local out-calls (Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Alexandra Headland, Buderim) or as a complete holistic program at Beach Health Retreat right on the  beach in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore, Queensland as part of a customised retreat accommodation package.

Beach Health Retreats Qld facility on the Sunshine Coast  specialises in personal custom residential packages which are specifically put together utilising holistic counselling, relationship counselling, marriage counselling, yoga, natural Organic food and Ayurveda (or vedic psychology) and luxurious Massage Maroochydore to address deep seated or ongoing emotional and psychological issues.

Customised personal residential health retreat programs are generally 3, 5 or 7 days and offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied after the first day.

“If only I had this relationship counselling and deeper understanding of my personal psychology earlier. I could have handled my relationship so much differently.”
Shenal August, N.Z.

You deserve to be the best you can be, to grow, to love and be loved by life!

To book a personal health retreat program, or private holistic counselling session with Beach Health Retreat facilitators as online counselling, phone counselling or as out call in Maroochydore  call Beach Health Retreat Qld now:

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or email: info@beachhealthtretreat.com.au

Full Satisfaction Guarantee

Full satisfaction guarantee on all psychology, counselling, coaching sessions and health retreats.  We look after and support you so that you have nothing to lose and the whole world of growth, heart opening and satisfaction to gain.

If you have any questions in our counselling, are interested in what we do and how it could help you please phone office on 07 5409 7577

“Thank you.  It’s great to feel like I’ve accomplished so much with each counselling session.   I have wasted a lot of  time and money on other systems.  I have found an appreciation for my mum that I have never felt before and can’t wait to hang out with her. ”  
Melissa, W.A

“I feel like I have achieved more today with you in one counselling session than I have after 6 months of weekly counselling with someone else.”
Jenna, Sydney

Holistic Counselling Maroochydore: Beach Health Retreat, Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia.

For private discussion or to book your counselling session:

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Maroochydore Counselling, Psychology & Therapy Sessions

How to Begin

Counselling Preconditions for effective outcomes: 

  • You are serious about finding insights, moving forward with your life and being honest in your counselling session to help faciliatate your goals.
  • You are prepared to be honest with your self and counsellor during counselling, applies to all parties with relationship counselling and marriage counselling
  • You must be 18 years or older  to engage in holisitic counselling.
  • To treat minor,  written consent form by a parent or guardian is required
  • You are not seeking diagnosis and/or treatment of acute psychiatric or psychology illness.

Psychology Service, Counselling & Coaching Fees

Please choose the type of counselling session perfect for you; either in person Maroochydore counselling sessions as private out-call to your residence or hotel, telephone counselling or online holistic counselling with skype.

Counselling for Individuals, Couples or Families:

  • A online counselling session through Skype/telephone is $80.00 per hour or $45.00 for 30 minutes session.
  • private outcall Sessions  to Maroochydore and surrounds are $105 per hour
  • 24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment


Dear Deb

Thank you for showing me how to re-appreciate the importance of balance in this life with a truly life changing psychology & counselling program.

Thank you for showing me how that with darkness does come light, knowing that darkness nor light are forever and in that I can now fully understand and more importantly  see the positive in negative and negative in positive situations.

Thank you for your wisdom now from the experiences you have had, your willingness, warmth, kindness and understanding to share what you know with me as part of our counselling sessions.

Thank you for re-affirming my understanding and now knowing that health is more than body but also mind and spirit. And thank you for your connection with Ian and how you have worked together as a team to help  me consolidate this philosophy, that we are indeed part of a much bigger force and energy as one in this life together.

Thank you for helping me to open up my heart much more, to trust in my intuition and to bring confidence into my spirit so that I too can shine my light, just as you shine yours in helping others.

Best councellor ever, I have loved not only the outcome but the process and entire journey.

For this time, guidance and experience I will be eternally grateful!

With sincere best wishes


We're just a call away
  (07) 5409 7577