Vegetarian Experience

Vegetarian & Vegan Experience at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Beach Health Retreat offers vegetarian introduction program that offers cutting edge education and empowerment to guests to understand the facts and experience the amazing benefits of a natural vegetarian lifestyle.

Vegan and Vegetarian haven, right on the beach in the heart of the Sunshine Coast (between Noosa and Alexandra Headland), Queensland Australia.

We offer vegetarian accommodation, support and personal health retreats.

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Whether or not you choose or have already chosen to be a vegetarian long term, the short term benefits of this diet alone have a profound benefit to one’s whole being;  mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Meditation, vegetarian diet and or spiritual fasting are the three most powerful contributors to personal transformation. Many influential leaders utilised these techniques and were vocal advocates of their benefit. Famous vegetarians include Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato,  Gandhi, Leonardo De-Vince, the Essenes and leaders in all fields of endeavor who are vegetarian or vegan.  Gandhi actually attributed his energy, vitality and success in retaining India’s independence to his vegetarian diet and spiritual fasting. Einstein said of Gandhi that he was one of the most amazing beings to ever grace the planet.

The Vedic texts are the very foundation of Yoga and Ayurveda authority. They describe very clearly the numerous benefits to one’s spiritual and mental progress obtained from abstaining from eating meat.  A vegetarian diet is considered by the Vedas to be in the mode of goodness (sattvic) and to provide powerful benefits in terms of

Purifying ones existence, increasing energy and vitality, increasing quality of complexion, giving strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Bg. 17. 7-10

By subsisting on pure fruits and roots, and by eating food fit for forest ascetics one gains the greatest health benefits. Manu-samhita 5.54-55

The discarding of meat is the highest refuge of all religion and of happiness. Mahabharata, Anu. 115.33

Beach Health Retreat offers a private getaway vegetarian haven, personal support and programs to meet your personal needs. If you are vegetarian or interested in exploring the deeper picture of a vegetarian lifestyle, Beach Health Retreat is the perfect place to visit. Whether you are looking for; healthy vegetarian accommodation, a  Queensland Sunshine Coast holiday,  a fully supported vegetarian transition and education program, or a spiritual  journey deep into your self with a customised spiritual fasting program Beach Health Retreat can help you.

For those interested in holistic healthy living and vegetarian culture we most recommend study of the Vedas. We also recommend the recent publications; Paleofantasy by professor of ecology, evolution and behavior Marlene Zuk, Whole By Colin Campbell PHD & Howard Jacobson PHD and the film cowspiracy.

For healthy vegetarian  accommodation (short to long term) and community we also reccomend Noosa Forest Retreat in Queenslands Sunshine Coast Noosa Hinterland see also