Private & Customised Health Retreat Programs

Private & Personal Beach Health Retreat Programs in the heart of the subtropical Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

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  • Resort accommodation in a beautiful quiet green enclave directly opposite private section of beach and park with walking track (400 metres to river mouth) 180 metres to lifeguard patrolled section of beach
  • Healthy Accommodation is private or shared (private rooms) self-contained apartment with full kitchen, laundry, en-suite, cable TV, air conditioning, fresh towels & linen
  • Natural (Chlorine free) heated pool, Spa & Sauna and showers.
  • Apartments and facilities cleaned with healthy natural hypo allergic cleaning products
  • carpet free accommodation available
  • Local award winning pure spring drinking water
  • Airport transfers
  • A customised Wellbeing program designed and delivered specifically for your needs
  • Customised level of support and work from intensive to relaxed
  • Organic cuisine fully catered and delivered to your room, poolside lounge or beach at your convenience.
  • Organic fresh juice bought to your room to start the day
  • Personal, One on One, private and confidential treatments with experienced professionals in the luxury  of your own private apartment to ensure relaxation and the utmost of confidentiality.
  • 24/7 service and assistance from your private resort facilitator and staff (for medium & intensive programs)
  • 2 to 30 nights’ accommodation, you choose; 1) goal of your retreat, 2) length of stay and 3) intensity of your private resort health retreat program. You can cover a lot of material in a few days intensively or the same level of work at a more relaxed pace with a longer stay.
  • luxurious private spa and beauty treatments
  • Professional, relaxing and rejuvenating massage with certified organic natural scented healing oils and relaxing music
  • Detoxing and relaxing saunas
  • Fresh local organic tea
  • Beachside, Park and rooftop Yoga.
  • Guided relaxation – Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation & Pranayama instructions
  • Spiritual insight, understanding, guidance & empowerment
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Holistic Counselling
  • Mind Body Medicine
  • Natural health enhancing personal care products
  • Ayurvedic health consultation & lifestyle advice
  • Nutritional advice (meals custom prepared to meet your individual needs)
  • Study materials and books
  • Daily health supplements and fresh juices customised to meet your individual needs
  • Extra treatments or experiences as suited to your program & desire (from organic facials to parachuting or self defence classes.)
  • Surfboard, boogy boards, & pushbikes available
  • Access to library of related educational and relaxing books and DVDs
  • 100% focused committed support and guidance to meet your specific retreat goals
  • A memorable, healthy, relaxing and rejuvenating stay.
  • An insightful, educational, inspiring and life transforming experience of a lifetime.
  • Post retreat follow up support and guidance

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This agreement is between ‘you’ the retreat attendee and ‘we’ Beach Health Retreat.

What We Offer You…


Beach Health Retreat offers a range of wellness getaway packages and programs, creating a private wellness experience within privately owned holiday resort accommodation.

We bring our Wellness Team to you

We offer a holistic and natural approach to wellness that is based on our experience with natural therapies that aid in general health and wellbeing. Experiencing a high success rate we do not guarantee any set results or achievements. The information, tools, advice and support that is provided by your wellness professionals offers a solid platform for your future wellness.  How you use this information will be dependent on your individual results.

Beach Health Retreat offers a comprehensive  health retreat program developed by our professionals after 25 years working in the field of natural health. For optimum success it is  expected that you will commit 100% to your program (facilitted and self guided) components and be open minded, present and willing  to be a part of and contribute to your sessions and program at all times.

                                                       Committment = Results.                                                      


Beach Health Retreat is known for it’s cutting edge self development approach to wellbeing. It is to be expected that there will be some personal reflection and work to be done at our retreat.

The Beach Health Retreat program has a specific purpose

To offer you integrated, holisitic tools and resources to live a healthy, purposeful & inspired life.

Your retreat coordinator will endeavour to ensure that you experience what your health requires in order to achieve our expected high level of results.

We endeavour to offer our clients a wonderful relaxation experience but we also endeavour to provide you with improved health and wellbeing in a short time frame.   This is our number one priority.

This means your own personal wants and needs (smoking, coffee, shopping, having a casual drink at the bar, sleeping in) will be prioritised under the needs of your physcial, mental and emotional health.

Packages & Prices


General package prices quoted on our website are OFF PEAK prices and are average Retreat costs.

Because we offer private accommodation for you in beachside tourist destinations, accommodation component is subject to Low, Mid and High Season accommodation prices and availability.

If you book your retreat during major holiday times throughout the year you can expect your retreat package rate to rise to reflect these price changes.

To avoid disappointment please book during off peak times or book well in advance and ask us for a detailed package quote before booking.

The Package Chosen For You

The package is chosen suited to the needs of your physical training program, mental and emotional health.

We reserve the right to reject a retreat attendee booking based on the fact that the package requested is not suitable for their actual health needs.

The final decision of all packages is made by the Beach Health Retreat coordinator based on the assessment time we have with you prior to your retreat and within the first day of your retreat.

We reserve the right to recommend a change of package if we believe the information you have provided us with is false or misleading or in any way will place the Beach Health Retreat Team Members in a less than professional predicament.

Beach Health Retreat has a duty of care responsibility to our clients so your package will reflect a suitable amount of care based on your personal health and wellbeing needs.

Prior Notice/Booking Requests

We require 48 hours notice to create your retreat program and to notify your Beach Health Retreat team.

We reserve the right to reject a booking request if we believe that our retreat setting is not right for your individual scenario or if we are unable to fulfil your requests.

If your getaway is urgent please contact us immediately before booking online.


We require a $500 deposit to secure your place before we can proceed with any part of your Beach Health Retreat Program.

This payment confirms your attendance and is Non-Refundable.                       

No part of your booking, including accommodation or team options and details will be forwarded without your deposit being paid in advance.

The balance of your booking must be paid two weeks prior to the Retreat start date.

Payment options are Credit Card, Pay Pal, Electronic Funds Transfer (internet banking), or by Cheque.

The balance of your account will be charged to your Credit Card between 5 and 14 days prior to the first day of retreat, if there is no modifying instruction.

This is NON REFUNDABLE and is not transferable. Regardless of circumstances, our running costs are organised in advance and all payments are Non Refundable. Beach Health Retreat apologises for not being able to offer a more flexible and compassionate refund policy.


Beach Health Retreat reserves the right to withhold credit card details as a bond for any costs incurred during the retreat.

Any incurred costs during retreat will be charged to your chosen credit card and can be done so without your verbal or written consent.

Failure of retreat cost and payment will result in serious and immediate legal action being taken against you. The costs of legal action will also be your responsibility and will be charged to you.

Payment Via Somebody As A Gift

It is common for family members or friends to offer payment for a retreat as a gift or loan. Regardless of the agreement between the paying person and the Retreat Attendee, if these are the payment details we are provided with, these are the payment details that we withhold and process for all retreat costs incurred during retreat and this person is responsible for all quoted Retreat costs, incurred costs during Retreat and damage to property.

The Retreat Attendee agrees to all booking and Retreat conditions regarding the paying person. The Retreat Attendee acts on behalf of the paying person when supplying their credit card details and the paying person agrees to these conditions. We reserve the right to process any payments quoted and incurred during the retreat without prior notice to the credit card holder. It is the responsibility of the Retreat Attendee to ensure that the paying person understands and agrees to these conditions before offering their details.


We reserve the right to cancel a retreat before or after the retreat start date if the following occurs:

  • Violence;
  • Extreme anger;
  • Damage to property;
  • An unwillingness to continue with or commit fully to the program;
  • Use of illicit drugs;
  • Abuse of alcohol or any mind/behaviour altering substance;
  • Disrespect to any Beach Health Retreat Team Member or affiliate of Beach Health Retreat;
  • Failed payment;
  • Not providing us with accurate information about your personal situation;
  • & anything else we deem to be extreme, unlawful or damaging circumstances.

If a retreat is cancelled by for any of these reasons then there will be No Refund.

If the Retreat Attendee chooses to cancel sessions, vacate or cancel a retreat  prior to end of the retreat, they do so of their own free will and understand that No Refund will be offered.

Special Conditions

Occasionally we will include special conditions or circumstances in your program. These are verbalised during the booking process and agreed upon within your final booking quote and agreement prior to your retreat start date. If these special conditions are not adhered to, we reserve the right to cancel your retreat immediately

Concierge Services & Personal Assistance

The Role of Beach Health Retreat

Your Retreat Coordinator offers the following services and completes this role in the allotted time slot each day that is quoted for. If you require extra time with them or any practitioner for further assistance there will be an additional fee of $180 per hour.

Your Retreat Team Member will offer you:

  • Wellbeing advice and assistance
  • Motivation to reach your goals
  • Management of your team & wellness program
  • Liaison with accommodation management in the case of an emergency when the accommodation management cannot be contacted by the Retreat Attendee.
  • Liaison between yourself and Beach Health Retreat Administration Office.

Beach Health Retreat Office offers the following services:

  • Managment of your program and Beach Health Retreat Team
  • Management of your accommodation and liaison with accommodation management
  • Travel arrangements with our driver or shuttle if booked
  • Booking and management of therapies and adventure activities as per program

What your facilitator and the Beach Health Retreat Office does NOT offer

or allow before, during and after your retreat experience:

  • Out of hours phone calls (unless you have requested 24 hour support)
  • Text messages or emails that are inappropriate and non professional
  • Excessive contact with your coordinator, any Beach Health Retreat Team Member or the Administration Office
  • Management and liasion of your accommodation needs. If you have chosen your own accommodation, Beach Health Retreat will not hold any responsibility for accommodation issues of any kind or undergo any contact whatsoever with booking agents that we have no working relationship with and who are not managed by Beach Health Retreat.
  • Personal shopping for goods or toiletries that are not already supplied in your room
  • Medication of any kind
  • Personal Assistant type roles (phone calls, emails, research, contacting family or friends on your behalf).
  • Odd jobs, running around, errands.
  • Booking of activites not supported by our philosophy or that do not work well with your program.
  • Extensive facilitation that is excessive and an abuse of our services. This will be charged at a rate of $180 per hour.

For Beach Health Retreat Attendees that require special assistance outside the boundaries of their wellness program, please request a concierge service via Beach Health Retreat or a full time personal assistant to attend to your needs. Rates offered upon application. We ask that you respect the above working boundaries during your program and after your program with Beach Health Retreat.


Beach Health Retreat provides a nurturing and safe environment. The Beach Health Retreat Program is thoughtfully planned. No responsibility will be taken for any injuries incurred during the retreat. Beach Health Retreat and all subsidiaries will incur no responsibility for any injury, physical or emotional that you incur whilst in our care. Please use your own personal judgement when considering the advice of our health professionals and consult your own health providers when required.


If you are experiencing a contagious illness including cold and flu, you are not to attend the Retreat. Please discuss alternative booking changes or options with your Beach Health Retreat Coordinator thru Beach Health Retreat Adminsitration Office.

It is common on retreat for some to experience ill side effects to a cleanse or detox.  Symptons may include head ache, body aches, nausea, digestive upset, lethargy, emotional changes and more. Every body is unique in how they handle a cleanse. We all have different levels of toxicity. Beach Health Retreat assists in managing these symptoms naturally by slowing down the ‘healing crises’ by slowing down the detox. The Beach Health Retreat Detox is gentle.   You can expect to experience side effects from cleansing the body of toxic build up. Not all programs include a detox menu or herbal preparations. Please discuss this with your Beach Health Retreat Booking Coordinator.


We each are responsible for our own experience…

At Beach Health Retreat we endeavour with passion and expertise to provide you with a personalised program that enables you to reach your individual goals. Beach Health Retreat offers no guarantee that you will achieve your individual goals or experience your individual desires within a short time frame.   Some of the skills you learn while on Retreat may take some of us weeks and others a lifetime  Our personal objectives can only be reached over time and with effort and may or may not be reached within your stay with us. Beach Health Retreat cannot guarantee that you will feel a certain way within a certain time. You can be assured that at Beach Health Retreat we do everything in our power to help guide you through our program and reach your goals. Be assured that we will always do our best to ensure that you receive your specified treatments in accordance with your specified needs and offer support on your journey to health and wellness.


Personal health and Retreat Attendee history forms are to be completed before each retreat thoroughly, allowing Beach Health Retreat to treat your circumstances and issues with diligence.

These forms must be completed by the person attending retreat.

A Retreat cannot begin without this vital information and all forms are required 48 hours before your retreat start.

We also advise you to consult your health carer if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.  This will ensure that our treatment is suitable for you. It is imperative that you offer us a full outline of the issues you wish to confront and move past during your retreat stay including ALL health and emotional history. If information is withheld and your treatment is deemed insufficient, Beach Health Retreat cannot be held responsible. We require personal and health information so that your Retreat Team can be chosen to suit your specific needs to ensure that we are properly equipped to take excellent care of you.


Beach Health Retreat hires on behalf of the Retreat Attendee private accommodation for the duration of their stay. Treatments will be conducted in the privacy of the Retreat Attendees apartment, in the park and on the beach.  Yoga will be attended at the neigbouring Yoga Centre Beach Health Retreat partner with.  All damages to accommodation and equipment caused by the Retreat Attendee are the responsibility of the Retreat Attendee.

Credit Card details will be required as a bond for the hire of accommodation on your behalf and security deposits are the responsibility of the client if required. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you allow us to process payments on your chosen Credit Card for costs incurred by you within your accommodation whilst attending your retreat.

The Program Timetable is provided and reviewed on arrival.  The Therapists and Meal Servers will knock and enter at the appropriate times to set up a session and provide meals and packup accordingly.

Staying Alone

When booking your wellness retreat, you understand that you can and will be left alone within your accommodation and that you are 100% comfortable with this procedure. We are not a retreat ‘centre’ and we are not a rehabilitation facility. If you are uncomfortable staying alone you must advise your retreat coordinator well IN ADVANCE so that a family member, support person and staff member who is equipped to take care of you can be booked well in advance.


If you are currently taking supplements or medication please bring these with you. We do not advise stopping any form of medication whilst on retreat. This process can be discussed with your health professionals upon arrival.

We do not offer a medically supported process. If you request this style of retreat, your coordinator will offer to make an appointment on your behalf at a suitable medical facility.  This is not a part of our treatment process and is something that you choose to do of your own free will. Beach Health Retreat Program is holistic and natural. Your health practitioner will discuss how herbal medicine and supplements can work alongside any medication if need be.


If you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol, marijuana or illicit drugs these substances cannot be taken during retreat. If you have chosen to attempt a ‘dry out’ procedure during your retreat then you must first discuss this with your GP or current health professional. We are not a rehabilitation centre but can offer an excellent program to aid in the causes of the addictions.

You must be willing and ready to undergo a retreat with no access to these substances and if you believe that this will not be possible then please ask your retreat coordinator for a referral to a more suitable centre or you can attempt a monitored detox at home under the supervision of your own medical practitioner or a hospitalised detox is reccommended if addiction is severe. Occasionally we may request further assessment via medical professionals before allowing a retreat booking from  an individual if we beleive your addiction is severe.


Beach Health Retreat holds all information in relation to a Retreat Attendee 100% private and confidential. If you require, a confidentiality agreement may be organised prior to the beginning of your stay. At your discretion, therapists share personal information with each other to ensure that you receive the correct treatment.

Agreeing to our Terms

By you, The Retreat Attendee agreeing to a Retreat Quote with this attachment, you immediately agree to these booking conditions and confirm your retreat attendance. Breaking this condition of booking could or will result in legal action being taken against you. The cost of any legal action will be your responsibility and charged to you.

We at Beach Health Retreat look forward to guiding you on your journey towards physical health and emotional wellbeing…