Spiritual Fasting

Spiritual Fasting at Beach Health Retreat, situated right on the sparkling beach and opposite a quiet green park in the heart of the beautiful Sunshine Coast (between Noosa & Alexandra Headland), Queensland Australia.

A natural healing haven for personal transformation & spiritual fasting.

Beach Health Retreat specialises in spiritual fasting retreats as a stand alone program, but also offers fully supported rest, renewal, rejuvenation & inspiration programs, utilising Ayurveda, Holistic Counselling, Massage, Yoga and our powerful detox programs.

Beach Health Retreat offers luxurious and guaranteed successful life changing programs.

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Important factors to gain the full depth of life transforming benefits from spiritual fasting include; healthy accommodation and natural setting;  appropriate individualised organic vegetarian diet both prior to and upon breaking fast, on sight 24/7 experienced supportive staff, and a natural beachside  environment. A natural environment including healthy accommodation and  experienced natural professionals is important for first time and experienced spiritual fasting.  Beach Health Retreat also offers extended spiritual fast programs.  

Using Ayurveda detoxification procedures,  massage, herbal steams and holistic counselling magnifies the power and many benefits of your spiritual fasting.

“All the vitality and all the energy I have, comes to me because my body is purified by fasting.”     

By combining practices such as wholistic counselling with a vegetarian diet, spiritual fasting becomes the most powerful and profound personal transformation practice available. The benefits of this practice go beyond the many physical benefits obtained from detoxification and purification of the body in that the mind and emotions are also detoxified. The process of purifying and balancing the mind and emotions is the very foundation that makes way for the opening of ones heart right here, right now. This allows for the flow of  authentic inspiration, vitality and true understanding.

This outcome of spiritual fasting is known by many names in many cultures that include;  enlightenment, tantra, satori, awakening, god-consciousness, direct perception, oneness.  This deeply satisfying state of being facilitated by spiritual fasting, can transcend the boundaries of time and space, and leads to profound levels of gratitude and satisfaction for ones self and life itself.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘‘Fasting will bring Spiritual rebirth…the light of the world will illuminate you when you fast and purify yourself.’’

See also www.noosaforestretreat.com (Noosa hinterland) for grass roots healthy accommodation and spiritual fasting nestled in a private forest setting ideal for prolonged spiritual fasting and personal retreat.


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