• 7 Signs You May Need Marriage Counselling
    No relationship is perfect, and there are no magical solutions that can guarantee a smooth-sailing journey with your significant other. It takes a lot of effort and dedication from both partners to build a robust union that will withstand the test of time. Everyone doesn’t go into a relationship with the tools to manage the challenges.  […]
  • Top 8 Reasons Couples Attend Counselling Sessions
    It’s a universal truth that all couples experience conflict. For some, it’s a pattern of constant arguing and miscommunication. For others, it’s financial struggles. With the pandemic putting everything into a state of disarray, couples spend more time at home together. This either strengthens the relationship or exposes the hidden cracks and exacerbate tensions in a relationship.  This is where therapy […]
  • 5 Benefits of Couples Counselling
    In Australia, 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce, and these marriages have an average length of 12 years, or at least that’s what statistics say. In 2010, Brisbane was declared the nation’s divorce capital, with 10,000 divorce applications processed in the city’s Federal Magistrates Court per year.   Marriage isn’t as easy as they make it out […]
  • What Is a Holistic Retreat?
    The COVID-19 pandemic and inevitable global recession are already enough to trigger one’s anxiety. So, let’s be honest to ourselves here. How are we holding up? For most of us, we might be looking for ways to distract ourselves from anxiety-inducing news headlines. Some of us may simply want to take the lockdown opportunity to […]
  • Ginger Beer, Grandma Style (Free recipe offer)
    At Beach Health Retreat, our guests have been enjoying delightfully refreshing home brewed organic Ginger & Turmeric Beer (non alcoholic). This healthy tonic is a fantastic digestive aid, assists in relieving achy muscles & joints and also provides many other health benefits. Ginger root has been used medicinally and enjoyed for its flavour and aroma […]