• 3 Reasons You Need a Yoga Physical Training Program
    Your negative thoughts cause stress, anxiety, and depression. Common beliefs such as “I am not good enough” can drown you in self-doubt and self-pity. And, as much as you try to avoid it, you frequently believe that controlling negative thinking is futile.   However, with the advent of meditation through yoga, you can now control … Read more
  • 5 Emotional Wellness Programs Perfect for Your Workplace
    Tight deadlines, toxic culture, office politics, and overtime work—everything impacts your emotional well-being. While this is normal, employers frequently place less emphasis on it, and they don’t realise that emotional wellness has far-reaching consequences for the company’s progress.   Employees tend to take more absences, generate less work, and are dissatisfied when there is less … Read more
  • 3 Reasons You Need A Wholesome Health Retreat In Your Life 
    How have you been feeling recently? Do you get tired of your mundane busy life? Have you ever felt upset without knowing why? Maybe it’s time for you to treat yourself to some “ME” time. And a health retreat is one way to rejuvenate yourself while relaxing.   Whether you want to attain mental peace or … Read more
  • How to Prepare for Your Holistic Health Retreat Experience 
    Finding “ME” time is almost impossible in this fast-paced and modern world. You wake up for work and go home to care for your family’s needs. We are constantly swamped with excuses for pushing back on “ME” time. And indeed, that day never comes.    With such a routine and everything that is happening, we frequently … Read more
  • Relationship and Wellbeing: How Do They Affect Each Other?
    While we understand how relationships affect every aspect of our wellness, we often overlook their importance in our lives. It is not surprising that there are many toxic relationships out there.  According to studies, most relationships are built on a lack of intimacy. With that, it is still critical to understand how relationships and well-being … Read more
  • 3 FIFO Relationship Advice You Should Follow 
    Have you ever heard of the term FIFO (fly-in-fly-out)? This term refers to the lifestyle in which your significant other is temporarily ‘flew in’ to work in a remote worksite without the need to relocate. In other words, they spend more time away from their loved ones and the usual routines.   While choosing a FIFO … Read more
  • Rejuvenating Couple’s Therapy Retreat in Australia
    Every relationship, especially marriage, has its share of ups and downs. For some, it may result from recent changes; for others, it may be past mistakes requiring proper understanding. Whatever reason you have, building a life with someone involves both love and conflict.    However, conflict can sometimes be more dominant in the relationship. And in this case, it is … Read more
  • 5 Things to Expect in a Marriage Counselling Session in Brisbane
    Now that you have reached this topic, we know you’ve got something inside you that you want to fix. Or perhaps, you feel intrigued about what happens during a marriage counselling session. Whatever is your reason, you are here because you need answers.   It’s no surprise at all. We are naturally curious about the entire marriage counselling process, mainly because it … Read more
  • Pros of Online Marriage Counselling for Couples
    The pandemic has affected many relationships. And for married couples, the effect can either be straining or empowering. As the situation heightens, unprecedented challenges have been created, slowly becoming an “existential maelstrom” for couples.   Being in a legal union is entirely different from your four-months-relationship or cohabitation experiences. You don’t just easily leave a person hanging. The married life takes a lot of toughness because the journey is a … Read more
  • 7 Signs You May Need Marriage Counselling
    No relationship is perfect, and there are no magical solutions that can guarantee a smooth-sailing journey with your significant other. It takes a lot of effort and dedication from both partners to build a robust union that will withstand the test of time. Everyone doesn’t go into a relationship with the tools to manage the challenges.  … Read more
  • Top 8 Reasons Couples Attend Counselling Sessions
    It’s a universal truth that all couples experience conflict. For some, it’s a pattern of constant arguing and miscommunication. For others, it’s financial struggles. With the pandemic putting everything into a state of disarray, couples spend more time at home together. This either strengthens the relationship or exposes the hidden cracks and exacerbate tensions in a relationship.  This is where therapy … Read more
  • 5 Benefits of Couples Counselling
    In Australia, 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce, and these marriages have an average length of 12 years, or at least that’s what statistics say. In 2010, Brisbane was declared the nation’s divorce capital, with 10,000 divorce applications processed in the city’s Federal Magistrates Court per year.   Marriage isn’t as easy as they make it out … Read more
  • What Is a Holistic Retreat?
    The COVID-19 pandemic and inevitable global recession are already enough to trigger one’s anxiety. So, let’s be honest to ourselves here. How are we holding up? For most of us, we might be looking for ways to distract ourselves from anxiety-inducing news headlines. Some of us may simply want to take the lockdown opportunity to … Read more
  • Ginger Beer, Grandma Style (Free recipe offer)
    At Beach Health Retreat, our guests have been enjoying delightfully refreshing home brewed organic Ginger & Turmeric Beer (non alcoholic). This healthy tonic is a fantastic digestive aid, assists in relieving achy muscles & joints and also provides many other health benefits. Ginger root has been used medicinally and enjoyed for its flavour and aroma … Read more
  • Beautiful Kondalilla National Park
    Beach Health Retreat is nestled into a lovely green healthy ecological location. Beach health retreat itself is  right on the beach and opposite a park in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.  Just behind Beach Health Retreat in the Sunshine Coast hinterland there is a diverse range of National Park and subtropical rainforest. A beautiful nature outing … Read more
  • Sea Air and Its Healing Properties
    ”O I do want to be beside the seaside, O I do want to be beside the sea…” The wind whips harshly on your face while you stroll along the shore, you breathe long and deep, taking in the smell of salt and sea. You feel rejuvenated, like this stroll could easily turn into a … Read more
  • Holistic Counselling Benefits
    Benefits of Holistic Counselling when FEELING STUCK Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. It is natural to think the same thought patterns over and over.  This is the way humans have evolved in order to do many things without too … Read more
     Healthy facilities, location, accommodation, program and support.  Beach Health Retreat offers unique services not found at other retreats.  We have invested a small fortune and countless hours over decades researching and exploring the best ways of creating an environment and facilities to maximise your health and well-being. We have been offering customised health retreats in Noosa and on the … Read more
  • Holistic Counseling Offers Strategies for Success
    Holistic Counseling  Can Change Your Life In A Matter Of Moments.  Holistic Counseling at Beach Health Retreat is offered as  individual sessions or as part of structured programs. Holistic Counseling is not understood by many people who make the false assumption that it takes months or even years to experience change. I start my holisitc counseling sessions asking how much emotional charge … Read more
    Your True Self is fearless, loving and infinite. Getting in contact with this spacious, timeless state of being enables you to enter a whole new world within yourself. This ground provides a solid strength, security, confidence and contentment you were born to know. This allows you to operate from a place of poise and leadership. During your stay at … Read more
    Beach Health Retreat is very excited to be able to offer a powerful curative program. It works by revitalising your blood.  It has evidence to prove that it destroys the entire range or bacteria, viruses, fungi and worms in the body by vitalizing their environment. The blood, lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, sweat, mucus, intestinal contents … Read more
  • Health Retreat with Salt as Therapy
    During your stay at Beach Health Retreat you not only hear the sound of the waves and have breathtaking views of the ocean from your luxury apartment but you also inhale fresh air straight from the sea. SALT THERAPY: Based on clinical studies, salt diffused air reduces inflammation in the whole respiratory tract; absorbing oedema … Read more
  • Holistic counselling verses positive thinking
    Holistic counselling offers a balanced perspective.  If we can see the dichotomies that life presents us then we become free of the illusions of one sided thinking. Positive thinking psychology is a concept that can lead to disappointment.  It sets up a false expectation that is completely impossible to fulfill. The laws of the universe … Read more
  • Holistic Counselling and Relationships
    Would you like to put the zing back into your relationship? If you are struggling with your commitment to your relationship and wondering if it is worth the hardship then this is for you. When you think about the first days of meeting and romancing with your partner they are probably heady with beautiful memories and … Read more
  • Health Resort on the Beach
    [blockquote] We are happy to introduce our new website, Beach Health Retreat. [/blockquote] We offer personal retreats in a beautiful location. Your Beach Health Retreat addresses how to manage emotions and resolve feelings of shame, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, intimidation, grief and loss that may be holding you back from being inspired by your … Read more