Holistic Counseling Offers Strategies for Success

Holistic Counseling  Can Change Your Life In A Matter Of Moments.  Holistic Counseling at Beach Health Retreat is offered as  individual sessions or as part of structured programs.

Holistic counselling transforms your life

Holistic counselling transforms your life

Holistic Counseling is not understood by many people who make the false assumption that it takes months or even years to experience change.

I start my holisitc counseling sessions asking how much emotional charge there is around the issue we are addressing in the session.  The answer is 10 out of 10.  The answer at the end of a 90 minute session is 0 out of 10.  It can be that quick.

Over and over again I am told that months and even years of traditional therapy has not had the impact that one session had with Beach Health Retreat Holistic Counseling.

So the truth is that when change happens, it happens instantly.

It is the preparation for change that sometimes can take a long time, but the change itself happens in a moment.

And since I’ve already taken care of the years of preparation by collecting the data that you need to succeed, all you have to do is let the change take place and try a session of holisitic counseling at Beach Health Retreat.

The moment you open your mind to these new  strategies, your life will begin moving in a positive direction. You just have to allow it.

Can you do that?

I know you can, and as you participate in one holistic counseling session, you’ll realize how simple it is going to be.  One session creates significant understanding and awareness.  Holistic counseling also offers you certainty that there is a new way of looking at life and its challenges.  Generally 3 to 6 sessions allow us to deal with a few issues and start allowing a new habit to form so that you don’t go back to thinking in the old thought patterns.

It is like a super highway.  The way we have thought in the past use the slip stream of habit.  We are literally forging some new pathways, in our thought patterns.

The one thing that you have to do is ACT.

Action makes everything effective. Inaction makes everything useless.

In order for this (or anything else for that matter) to really work, you have to put the pedal to the metal; and you need to do it right now.

Stop waiting for the perfect time because you’ll be waiting forever. It’s like waiting for the perfect time to start a diet. If you keep waiting, you’ll keep finding excuses and in the interim you’ll be wasting time and opportunities and not getting any results.

Holistic Counseling

1 Step at a Time….

You have to take action.  This is why Beach Health Retreat offers holistic counseling as part of its residential retreats but also as individual sessions on the Sunshine Coast or by phone or skype.

The first change must start within your mind because your mind will create your reality. To change your reality, you need to change your mind.

So, how exactly do you change something that has been programmed for so long to operate in a certain way?

It begins with thought stimulation and the best way to stimulate thought is through questions and holistic counselling.

The Power of Questions…

What kind of questions are you asking yourself? Give me the answer and I can tell you what your life is like. Once again, relax, I was there too – I asked myself horrible, damaging questions – and I did it without even realizing it.

Imagine how different your life will be when you discover what questions you are asking yourself (that are creating the life you don’t want) and then you learn how to instantly turn those around and use the power questions to automatically get on track for what you do want?

It really is as simple as that.  You are ready to do whatever it takes to transform your life immediately.

Right now I want you to think of your life as it is today and what you want it to be in the future.

Stop thinking about your past and begin thinking about the present. If you can change the present, you can redefine your future.

What changes have you made that have you so excited about your life that you are now unstoppable? How are YOU different?

How do you feel?

Now that you know you can make that picture a reality by participating in our holistic counseling, you feel ready to start and decide, once and for all, to take your life OFF hold forever…

Transformation is a matter of participating in a session with a willing attitude.

* All items and claims expressed by users of Beach Health Retreat only reflect their own specific results, and may not be typical. We are very satisfied of what Beach Health Retreat has done for many people and we hope you are too.  We are so confident with our service that we do offer a money back guarantee after the first session if you do not feel you have benefitted.

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