Deb Pepperdine & Ian Trew

Your hosts – Deb Pepperdine and Ian Trew

Health Retreat managers and hosts; Ian Trew and Deborah Pepperdine facilitate your personal Australian health retreat  program and offer the peace of mind of 24/7 in house care and support.


Ian and Deb have combined, 42 years of extensive training and experience. They have worked professionally in not only a number of Queensland health retreats, but also in Australian government departments and privately on the Sunshine Coast  in the areas of holistic counselling, emotional well being, mental health, Yoga, Ayurveda, permaculture, human potential and personal development.


Collectively, they have university qualifications in Psychology, Religious Studies, Speech Pathology and post graduate qualifications in holistic counselling, Ayurveda, massage, yoga, meditation, nutrition, permaculture, community development, personal coaching and more.

Commitment to true holistic living, life satisfaction and health retreat service

Deb and Ian have lived in, and helped with the development of a number of holistic communities in Australia. Beach Health Retreat sources much of its healthy food from  local organic and permaculture farms in the Noosa hinterland Sunshine Coast.  Deb and Ian are committed to maximising personal and professional life satisfaction, facilitating your success, maximising your human potential, love, and understanding. Ian and Deb help you explore and open your  heart to the deeper and often hidden divine order and experience with one of the best health retreats Australia has to offer!

Ian Trew

Ian has been passionately involved with the Ayurvedic movement and health retreats in Australia since its inception in the late 80’s.  He  was a founding member of Queenslands Sunshine Coast Vedic and Cultural Association in the mid 1990′s and has been working in the area of personal health and Australian health retreats for over 22 years.

Ian has been deepening his study and practice of Ayurveda and holistic counselling. He has offered customized health retreat programs on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa hinterland since 1999. He has also worked diligently on organizing  yoga, seminars, lectures, demonstrations, film nights and kirtans including work at a number of other Australian health retreats.

Ian undertook Ayurveda study, before it was formerly available  in Australia, with David Frawleys and Dr. Krishna Kumar (F.I.I.M.,M.D.(Alt Med.) M.A., the director of the Australian School of Ayurvedic Medicine (Australia’s first and until recently only recognized course in Ayurveda). He has also completed the first 2 year Diploma of Ayurveda at Southern Cross University by A.T.M.A.

Further studies and personal consultation training has been completed with a range of leading Ayurvedic Doctors, including Professor P.H. Kulkarni (BAMS, F.I.I.M., M.D., PH.D., D.Sc.(Ayu)F.C.M.P.), Dr Ajit, Rama Prasad (BAMS), Dr Sudesh Mukh BAMS and Dr Abhay Klkarni M.D. (Ayurvda). To quote Dr Kulkarnie, “Ian’s spirit of analysis is unmatched”.

Deb Pepperdine

Deb found her studies at Melbourne University  highly valuable, but she felt a driving desire to find a bigger picture. This lead to her participation in various meditation, yoga centres and ashrams around the world.

Deb completed her yoga teacher training, and was thrilled at the idea of utilising her long service leave to study further in ashrams in India.

Deb had enjoyed working as a counsellor and Speech Pathologist, but was constantly seeking more inspiration in order to help others more effectively.

A highlight at the time was completing an extended Vipassana course. “This brought about the most incredible experiences of my life and consolidated the realisation that I was not in my body or my mind.”

“In my youth I suffered a serious health crises where I could not get out of bed for 6 months or even bare having conversations. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. My only consolation was a focused (and continuing) study and attention on my health including whole food diet, massage and Yoga Nidra, which helped me deeply relax, knowing that there was more than what meets the eye.

From this point, my total focus was health and well being. As soon as I could drive, I explored community living.  I grew my own food, swam in the ocean and practiced yoga/meditation. But most importantly, I continued to study many forms of wellbeing and worked at a number of Australian health retreats.

A big realisation for me was that no matter how healthy the physical environment is, if you do not have your mind and sense of purpose sorted, then it is like pushing against the tide.

I am profoundly grateful for the experiences and knowledge that I have acquired in order to offer a much more comprehensive service which consistently brings about miraculous results.

My main precept is that crisis is a blessing. If we are off track and going against intuition, then we get messages to let us know.  If we ignore these messages then the universe will send the mack truck which causes a lot more damage, albeit temporary.  We can either feel victimised by this or take control and start having a look at what is going on.

The insight, wisdom and love is there waiting to be found.

I look forward to supporting you with your own customised personal Australian health retreat program here by the sparkling beach in the heart of Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.