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Benefits of Holistic Counselling when FEELING STUCK

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

It is natural to think the same thought patterns over and over.  This is the way humans have evolved in order to do many things without too much effort.  As thought patterns become practiced they are sent to a more primitive part of the brain where they  then occur as an automatic or unconscious response.  Once activated they are acted out with little thought or energy.  This is an evolutionary development that helps us become proficient & then efficient at what we do..  Practical examples of this are driving a car or riding a bicycle.  The term that something is like second nature is used.

The downside of this cognitive habituation is when you are trapped in a reflexive automated response that no longer (or perhaps never) serves your purposes.  Your thought patterns, emotional responses, actions and life experiences seem like they are on a loop on a turntable being played over and over again. An example is having perceived to be unfairly looked after by one’s parents and continuing to be on the defence in all relationships.

Trying to suppress these  patterns can be worse. If you don’t express them, your body will. Symptoms are often the expression of suppressed or blocked emotions. When the symptoms or the patterns start to have a negative impact on your life then the next step is crisis.

This crisis can be a blessing.  It is an opportunity to step out of our known conditioned (and often at this point unsatisfying comfort zone) and finally make changes by taking steps toward a more satisfying way of seeing and being in the world.  This act of mindfulness (taking notice of our symptoms, looking for new answers and insights) raises you out of automated stuck patterns.  However, it is important to find a capable guide so that there is no sense of disillusionment or hopelessness that comes from lack of progress.

The automatic pilot that triggers the pattern of events that plays out across your life can be difficult to see because it is operating from a deep part of your brain.  It is linked with fear and then wrapped with defense mechanisms.  Whatever you are most afraid to feel is the feeling that will haunt you and will not go away until there is reconciliation.

The beauty of the broken record playing over and over is that you are given new opportunities to have a look.  This is a golden opportunity to understand your self and see your life from a bigger picture.  Addressing the link of strong emotions  to your primitive roots can lead to practical ways of healing. When you know the right questions to ask and are willing to have a look then you are opening to presence , higher thinking and most importantly the inspiration or light of your true self or soul.  This exploratory mindfulness activates the full potential of your true being and awakens us to presence, certainty and inspiration; the pillars of effectiveness and satisfaction  in life.

Clients are amazed that in one session they receive so many new insights and break from the thought patterns with their associated emotions and behaviours that have been ruling their life.  The results from holistic counselling are freeing, insightful and bring tingles of energy to your entire being as our body heals and reintegrates.

Clients begin to experience healing during their first session and on average even severe or chronic conditions can be transcended or healed in 1-10 sessions, rather than the MONTHS OR YEARS of traditional therapy!   This is a huge saving in terms of dollars, time, loss of opportunities and life satisfaction.

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