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7 Signs You May Need Marriage Counselling

No relationship is perfect, and there are no magical solutions that can guarantee a smooth-sailing journey with your significant other. It takes a lot of effort and dedication from both partners to build a robust union that will withstand the test of time. Everyone doesn’t go into a relationship with the tools to manage the challenges. 

This is where the professionals come in. Counsellors or therapists can help anyone learn new ways of relating to their partner. And so, here comes the important question: when do couples know it’s time to seek marriage counselling in Brisbane? In a previous post, we have talked about the benefits of online marriage counselling

Here, we’ll list the signs you may need to see a professional marriage counsellor. 

1. When there is a lack of intimacy

A crucial aspect of all healthy relationships is intimacy. It makes the difference between casual hangouts and meaningful, romantic interactions. Most of the time, a married couple lacks intimacy due to the arrival of the first child, extra-marital affairs, or the ambition to pursue a top career. 

This results in the significant other becoming nothing more than a spectator. And it’s not always about the lack of lovemaking. Being intimate with a partner also means sharing your dreams with them and being open about your biggest fears. 

It’s having the courage to be vulnerable. Once there is a lack of intimacy, couples lose a fundamental pillar of their relationship. This almost always results in a breakup or divorce. 

2. When there is constant criticism

We can say that a relationship is not authentic without conflicts. Disputes will emerge at some point, especially if each partner chooses to retain part of their independence. This is perfectly normal because two people can only fuse their personalities and work together towards a common goal through conflicts and divergences. 

After all, the goal of any healthy and functional relationship is to stick together no matter the challenges that may arise. While it’s true that occasional constructive criticism can solidify a relationship, constant disputes will eventually lead to frustration. This grows into contempt, which is usually among the top reasons marriages start falling apart. 

3. When one partner is being selfish

One of the silent killers that ruin relationships from the inside out is selfishness. Selfish desire sometimes motivates a person to invest time and effort into seducing their romantic partner. The same selfish attitude can reveal the person as acting less interested and caring towards their partner once they have reached their end goal. 

This is the kind of attitude that turns a healthy relationship into a one-way street. It often results from the lack of communication and sincerity. As a person’s needs do not always meet the needs of their partner, that causes a severe imbalance in the dynamic of the relationship, leading to conflicts and separation. 

External stimuli perpetuate selfishness in relationships, and internal ones generate it. It could arise because of frustrations from not investing profound feelings due to fear of being disappointed again or from unfulfilled relationships. 

4. When there is infidelity

Lying and cheating are the deal breakers in many relationships. Yet, people continue to make these mistakes. While lying is a toxic habit, sometimes people also tend to hide an unpleasant truth in hopes that they can preserve a perfect image of their relationship. 

For instance, a person may avoid having an open conversation with their partner about the harmless flirting between them and their best friend or that cute colleague from work. And the worst part is in thinking that doing it is for the best. It only takes one act of infidelity to break the trust that holds a relationship. 

Once this trust is broken, it’s almost impossible to rebuild it. Lower relationship quality, affairs, and distrust often lead to dissolution. This applies to both same-sex and heterosexual couples. 

5. When there is no communication

The main challenges that couples go through are simply challenges in communication. When a couple isn’t talking and communication has deteriorated, it is often a challenge to get the relationship going back in the right direction. With marriage counselling in Brisbane, a therapist can help a couple facilitate new ways to communicate with each other. 

6. When a couple is living separate lives

Another sign that couples need online marriage counselling is when they become more like roommates than a married couple. Just because a couple doesn’t do everything together doesn’t mean they are in trouble. It becomes a problem when the couple feel that they just co-exist. 

A therapist can help sort out what is lacking in the relationship and guide the couple in finding ways to enjoy doing things together. 

7.When ongoing relationship issues aren’t resolved

At some point, every couple would have to deal with big-ticket arguments that they carry over for months without any kind of resolution. From the differences in child-rearing philosophies to incompatible sex drives, these relationship issues can be worked out with the help of a therapist. In a counselling session, a couple receives guidance in finding a common ground in their relationship. 

Relationships aren’t easy, but Beach Health Retreat is here to give you guidance

If any of the above-mentioned signs resonate with you, know that professional help is always available. Beach Health Retreat provides marriage counselling in Brisbane to help couples understand and resolve issues in their relationships. 

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