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Pros of Online Marriage Counselling for Couples

The pandemic has affected many relationships. And for married couples, the effect can either be straining or empowering. As the situation heightens, unprecedented challenges have been created, slowly becoming an “existential maelstrom” for couples.  

Being in a legal union is entirely different from your four-months-relationship or cohabitation experiences. You don’t just easily leave a person hanging. The married life takes a lot of toughness because the journey is a bit of a bumpy ride.  

However, intimate connections need that bump. Humans are imperfect. We make disagreements with each other, and these are normal. And in marriage, these obstacles are common. They’re something that couples need to expect. And with the pandemic, the more emotional and psychological problem arises among married couples. Anxiety builds up due to isolation, and most are taking them out on each other. Eventually, these issues pile up.  

At Beach Health Retreat, we offer online marriage counselling for couples who need it. In this new normal, we innovate holistic counselling through online mediums. Our experienced and reputable relationship counsellors, Ian Trew and Deborah Pepperdine, understand the current situation’s weight.  

What to keep in mind? 

Before entirely being involved with the sessions, build a connection with your body, mind, and soul. We need to understand their importance to build overall positive outcomes in our well-being.  

Here are some preconditions to consider before the therapy sessions: 

Preparation is the key 

First, let’s have the technical preparation. 

As we are going online, we recommend that you charge your electronic devices so you’ll be ready in case of an unexpected blackout. To connect with the sessions, Wi-Fi or mobile data is needed. Either of the two should be sufficient for the whole duration.  

A typical Beach Health Retreat online counselling session is conducted in different communication methods: telephone, Skype call, and local out-calls (Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Alexandra Headland, Buderim). 

Second, let’s have self-preparation. 

We only need your honesty. Be honest with your feelings. This is a matter of transparency and trust. When you open up yourself, we can explore a lot of alternatives that can help you. 

We do understand it is scary to show weakness. Our lives are usually built up with walls  from trauma and fear. And we do comprehend that belief.  

However, always remember your goal of being here is to alleviate something. At Beach Health Retreat, we slowly help you break the negative patterns. And we need your effort, too.  

With the best online marriage counselling, we let you be firm with your insights and move forward. 

Location is therapeutic

Consider a place that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Be sure to sit in a quiet room to avoid physical distractions.  

In addition, ready the things you need for the scheduled appointment, like a box of tissue. We also encourage you to take away your phones during the session to manifest the concentration we need on the counselling.  

If the marriage counselling is for both of you, sit in a space where you are both visible on the camera. 

Intense emotion is normal

Your emotional awareness is built up during the sessions. Opening up can fuel a gamut of emotions. You may feel sad, angry, and upset.  

However, don’t tangle them inside you.  

Unravel your real feelings. Because again, your honesty is our foundation. No need to worry because we listen to you. And we will provide empowered support to make you more comfortable as the sessions progress. 

Why seek online marriage counselling?

Beach Health Retreat recognises the need for marriage rebuilding and strengthening in this pandemic. For 45 years on the field, we empathise with the relationship’s possible defiance during isolation. Regardless of the effects, married individuals are worth having online marriage counselling to deeply weigh the challenges in a relationship and address them accordingly. 

Read on the advantages of online therapy: 

1. You are free.

You don’t need to wear any fancy or formal attire for the sessions. Wear your most comfortable clothing to prevent being drawn out by the clothing issue instead. 

You can stay anywhere rather than continuously social distancing with people outside.  

Here at Beach Health Retreat, we offer no bias judgement. Most importantly, we also give you the freedom to cancel in case an emergency happens. Maybe you need more time to open up, and we do understand that. But we encourage you to give us a 24-hour notice to cancel your appointment. 

2. You save a lot.

When we commute, we are often bombarded with time and money restrictions. Therefore, an online session is an affordable catch.  

At Beach Health Retreat, a counselling session online costs $45 per 30 minutes session. You can save $10 if you choose to have the one-hour session. It is only about $80 an  hour. 

3. You can balance your time.

Juggling household, work, and therapy sessions are hard. However, online, you get to choose your priorities for the day. We also offer flexibility in your time by letting us know your preferred schedule. 

4. You help the environment.

The emission of carbon dioxide from vehicles will be lessened.  

In relation, we know the danger of global warming due to gas emissions from vehicles. Thus, when we stay at home during counselling, the impact we give to the environment  is lessened. 

Resonate deeply with Beach Health Retreat!

Don’t live your life with regrets. Do what you can today. If you think your marriage needs saving, the best online marriage counselling is just here to assist you. All relationship is progress. And you are the stirrer of your marriage. 

With us, we guarantee your full satisfaction in every emotional conversation. Our therapists are professionally involved in dealing with a couple’s life struggles. With our two decades of experience, we are confident to deliver exceptional service. We also offer a money-back if we don’t meet your satisfaction with a first-hand counselling session. 

What are you waiting for? Open up with Beach Health Retreat through scheduling with us on (07) 5409 7577 or

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