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3 FIFO Relationship Advice You Should Follow 

Have you ever heard of the term FIFO (fly-in-fly-out)? This term refers to the lifestyle in which your significant other is temporarily ‘flew in’ to work in a remote worksite without the need to relocate. In other words, they spend more time away from their loved ones and the usual routines.  

While choosing a FIFO job has numerous financial benefits, it can also harm a relationship. The need to balance quality time and monetary gain for the one who works away and the one who is left behind adds a new layer of difficulty, resulting in gaps. 

Because of the resulting challenges, most couples seek FIFO relationship advice from experts.  

How Can We Help?

Despite these challenges, a FIFO relationship can be managed with the right approach. So, if you want to hear practical relationship advice, let Beach Health Retreat guide you to happiness with holistic FIFO relationship advice. 

What to Do

Given that Australia is known as the world’s FIFO capital, it’s not surprising that most couples in the country have FIFO relationship issues. That is why we are not new to this situation. We have already mastered the craft of giving holistic relationship counselling for FIFO relationships. 

Strategy #1: Make an Effort to Communicate Issues in Person

Because of the long-distance relationship effect of the FIFO work setup, a large portion of couple communication is done virtually. All this is possible thanks to advances in technology. 

However, not all virtual communication is easy, and it frequently involves stressful issues like children, finances, and planning. And more often than not, these issues can wreak havoc on relationships. As a result, respect should be your top priority when dealing with issues via virtual conversation. 

What Should You Do About It?

On the one hand, light conversation, such as discussing your day, is appropriate when you’re separated by distance. On the other hand, take on complex issues when you’re together. This method helps you avoid suppressing long-held grudges. 

Yet, if things get out of hand, you can seek the assistance of relationship counsellors. Like Beach Health Retreat, they spend years understanding and recognising a couple’s communication patterns. 

Strategy #2: Attempt to Establish a Specific Timeline and Goals

Because your schedules do not always coincide, you can temporarily discuss committing to agreed-upon goals and timelines with your partner. Plans ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. When you understand what your partner wants, you improve the relationship and make it healthier. 

That is why having a set timeline can be beneficial whatever your reason for being in a FIFO relationship. 

What Should You Do About It?

You can also seek professional counsellors’ FIFO relationship advice when setting goals. They recognise that each client has unique needs that may differ from their significant other. Hence, they create a united plan or goals that will benefit your relationship by collaborating holistically on your individual needs. 

Strategy #3: Try to Give Your Partner “Recovery Time”

FIFO relationships experience abrupt transitions from the workplace to the home environment (vice versa). Thus, it is essential to allow your partner to recover and relax before meeting your relationship’s demands.  

When FIFO workers arrive home, it is not uncommon for their partners to reprimand them for taking a break, such as sitting on the couch. While this may be normal due to your unsatisfied needs, it is vital to understand your partner’s situation.  

What Should You Do About It?

Both of you may be under a lot of stress in a FIFO relationship. And it’s perfectly normal to be frustrated, angry, or saddened by your partner. 

However, to avoid being toxic in a relationship, allow yourself to spend time alone to reconnect with yourself. Understanding a deeper connection with yourself will help you make a stronger bond with your significant other. Doing so recharges your batteries and revitalises your time together as a couple. 

Confused? Let Holistic Relationship Counselling Guide You!

It is essential to note that if you choose to ignore FIFO relationship advice, it doesn’t mean you can’t be with a FIFO partner. Instead, anxiety and frustrations will pile up when this lifestyle is left unattended.    

Managing your emotions while following the FIFO relationship advice is difficult. Hence, experts of Beach Health Retreat are here to help you gradually understand the process. However, the key to your relationship’s success is still in your hands, and we’re just here to help you get there. 

So, if you want to learn more, enrol in one of our health programs, and we’ll help you figure out which retreat is best for both of you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 5409 7577 or email us at Your relationship bond matters to us!  

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