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Relationship and Wellbeing: How Do They Affect Each Other?

While we understand how relationships affect every aspect of our wellness, we often overlook their importance in our lives. It is not surprising that there are many toxic relationships out there. 

According to studies, most relationships are built on a lack of intimacy. With that, it is still critical to understand how relationships and well-being are linked. That is because you will be in relationships throughout your life. And regardless of the outcome, understanding the impact of social connections on our well-being can help you better understand social ties.  

But before we get into the effects of relationships on your health, let’s talk about why they are so meaningful.  

Why Does a Relationship Matter?

Humans, as social creatures, require social outlets and connections to thrive. Indeed, we are living proof that “no man is an island,” as we are meant to meet and allow some of them to form social ties with us. In other words, we are wired to connect and create relationships.  

It is safe to say that relationships assist us in surviving life’s trials. From a sense of security to the cornerstone of happiness, it brings us the things that make life. As the human race is filled with passion for romance, love, and relationships—whatever you want to call them—are what keep us alive. 

4 Ways on How Good Relationships Affect Your Well-Being

Two people can foster positive relationships. Though maintaining a healthy connection with someone takes time and effort, the result benefits your overall well-being. And here is a list of the benefits of being in a healthy relationship: 

Way #1: More Healing

Have you ever attempted to heal yourself through isolation? Is it assisting you or escalating the problem? It is said that social support can help you recover faster. This could be family or loved ones—whoever they are; they are your support system on your path to healing.  

And that is a sign of a healthier relationship when you want to help each other. You openly seek assistance while the other person warmly assists you in your healing. 

Way #2: Ushers Positive Behavior

When you commit to someone who makes you happy, your body’s production of cortisol (the primary stress hormone) decreases. A healthy relationship activates the feel-good brain chemical dopamine. So, the more glad you are, your actions will be favourable. 

Way #3: Let You Live Longer

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “to get drunk to forget the pain,” or you’ve witnessed people wasting their lives, such as drug intoxication, after a period of emotional torment. Humans cling to these things to overcome problems, and a failed relationship is no different.  

However, if you are in a healthy relationship, your mind and body tend to withdraw from these activities. You devote more time to good habits. As a result, life expectancy increases. 

Way #4: Makes Life Meaningful

People want life’s purpose. And loving someone can provide you with a sense of purpose and fulfilment. For example, if you don’t know why you’re working so hard, having someone you care about by your side can help you understand why you’re doing it. You work hard to build a life for both of you. 

4 Ways on How Bad Relationships Affect Your Well-Being

There is always a Yin-Yang in life: positivity and negativity, and it is a balancing force that contributes to the various aspects of life. Unfortunately, some relationships are so filled with Yin (the dark side) that it gradually harms the relationship. 

Way #1: Depression

An unstable relationship can magnify your depression. A mood disorder impacts a person’s well-being, such as persistent sadness, worthlessness, guilt, etc. 

Way #2: Unhealthy Behavior

When you observe your partner’s unhealthy behaviour, such as heavy drinking, you are more likely to emulate it. That is because a bad relationship makes you believe you must do what your partner wants to make them love you. 

Way #3: Slow Recovery

Relationship issues can impact your level of health recovery, which is due to your impulse for unhealthy solutions. Hence, you will find it more difficult to overcome your health issues. 

Way #4: Feeling of Worthlessness

It is normal to be sad, and this critical emotion allows us to adapt and grow in any situation.  

But allowing pain to consume our entire being and define our personality, on the other hand, is never acceptable. That is why when you let yourself be trapped in a bad relationship, it breeds more pain. And this pain can cause you to lose sight of your worth as a person. 

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