Beach Health Retreat is very excited to be able to offer a powerful curative program.

fresh and revitalized

fresh and revitalized

It works by revitalising your blood.  It has evidence to prove that it destroys the entire range or bacteria, viruses, fungi and worms in the body by vitalizing their environment. The blood, lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, sweat, mucus, intestinal contents and even inside the eyeball.

It turns an acidic environment into alkaline.

The program involves a menu of activities, diet and health services to facilitate the body’s ability to heal.

Massage helps stimulate the blood and lymphatic system to remove waste and oxygenate the body.

We utilise a device that offers a weak pulse of electric current.  It is pulsed onto the skin to vitalize all of the fluids of the body.  All species of parasites lose their tension and disintegrate.

Yoga or a physical activity of your choice including canoeing the beautiful river, having a surf lesson or a leisurely walk along the beach helps invigorate the body.

Guided relaxation allows the body to deeply rest and rejuvenate and opens up the capacity to tune in to yourself.

Holistic counselling give you the opportunity to deal with any resentments or guilt and shame that is inhibiting you from reaching your full potential.

If you are on the journey of curing your own acute or chronic illness then it is time to participate in a supportive program for your body, mind and spirit in a healthy environment at Beach Health Retreat.

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