Holistic counselling verses positive thinking

Holistic counselling offers a balanced perspective.  If we can see the dichotomies that life presents us then we become free of the illusions of one sided thinking.

Positive thinking psychology is a concept that can lead to disappointment.  It sets up a false expectation that is completely impossible to fulfill.

The laws of the universe ensure that we will always have the full spectrum of the experiences; positive & negative.  There are two sides to everything, just as a coin always has a head and a tail. We have night and day, light and dark and we also have positive thoughts and negative thoughts, support in our life and challenges which we actually need to help us grow.

The more we crave the positive the more we attract the negative.  This can create big highs and lows as we swing from one to the other.  Knowing that both exist can lead to an understanding of the bigger picture and remove us from the turmoil.  Holistic counselling guides you through this process and opens up a new perspective which is extremely liberating.

It is a wonderful thing to be inspired by people and have images of where we are heading and what we want to achieve in our lives.  To affirm realistic  goals and visualise them as already available and present in our life, is a conscious move to bring about not only our desired but holisitic health and personal empowerment.

To live from a balanced life holistic counseling perspective assists our physical, psychological and spiritual  health and to be in charge of our lives rather than be a victim of circumstances.

We grow towards the  holistic understanding of the shades of grey.  This is the gaining of wisdom and personal empowerment that we can encompass from any age.

Utilising the help, support, training and experience of a holistitc  counsellor to facilitate this process can speed up the process immensely.

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Deb Pepperdine & Ian Trew

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