Permaculture Design Course for Enlightenment

Ever wonder how you can reduce your carbon footprint and create a sustainable food source? A permaculture design course will lead you down the path of not just organic gardening, but whole habitat design providing a lifetime of free food in addition to a space free from daily stress and anxiety. Beach Health Retreat teaches you how to achieve an independent lifestyle that is good for you and the environment.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture simply put, is the creation of an agricultural ecosystem designed for sustainability and self-sufficiency. Developing a permaculture space begins with observing and interacting with your land. Perceiving sunlight and drainage patterns of the land in addition to soil composition before you begin planting ensures a proper starting point for any garden project. Catching and storing energy by adding a greenhouse to keep plants warm and collecting rainwater for irrigation are important aspects to permaculture.

Obtaining a yield is more than harvesting crops. Sharing skills and information with others ensures success. Applying things learned from the past and incorporating them into the future produces abundant results and planting trees is an essential aspect of permaculture. Not only do they provide shade and block winds, but fruit trees also provide additional food for years. Older trees can be cut down and used for new buildings, planting beds or reduced to wood chips for mulching.

Another benefit of permaculture is composting food scraps and plant trimmings. Composting contributes to sustainability by providing nutrient-rich sources of fertilisation. Creating a functional permaculture design affords shade seeking plants protection by planting taller, sun-seeking plants nearby. Researching which plants grow well in proximity produces a well-functioning garden.

When tackling a new permaculture garden, it is best to start slow. Remove plants that take up too much space or don’t produce well and replace with plants that complement each other’s growth and yield. Designing garden beds is crucial to a functioning permaculture garden. Examine your space carefully to produce proper measurements for optimal use. Be creative and open to change as some plants may not prosper and will require replacement.

An Enlightenment Course for Sustainability

Beach Health Retreat offers introductory courses to get you started. For more advanced gardeners goto our  Free introductory and full Permaculture Design Course  for an excellent stepping stone to produce sustainable food oasis, systems and holisitic habitats for all beings all year-round. Our sister farm facility boasts a fully sustainable and organic garden. We work with other permaculture gardeners in the area to trade produce and ideas. Our gardens and local farmers are our primary food source for our guests. We also have our own medicinal herb garden offering additional benefits for our guests.

Eating healthy organic food is a joyful experience. Knowing that the food you’ve grown is healthier for you and your family brings a sense of triumph. Being in touch with nature offers an escape from the hectic lifestyle many lead in today’s stress-filled society. Having your own oasis to provide organic food for consumption and sharing reduces waste, cleans the air, and supplies your body with nutritional foods.

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