Finding Anonymous Mental Health and Counselling Retreats in Australia

Suffering from mental health issues is an extremely personal experience for many. Sharing feelings with family and friends doesn’t always bring the relief needed and often aggravates the situation. Providing a tranquil healthy environment, Beach Health Retreat offers anonymous counselling in Australia. With calming ocean waves, fresh air, and healthy food hosts Deb Pepperdine, and Ian Trew offer guests a natural alternative to healing the mind and body.

Healthy Environment Designed by Nature

Our mental health retreat in Australia is situated to take advantage of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. With the ocean as a backdrop, our private apartments boast chlorine-free water to flush toxins from over-stressed bodies. We use only non-allergenic cleaning products providing a pure space to relax. Our organic medical healing herb gardens are used in Ayurvedic treatments. Local organic and permaculture farms provide clean sustenance for your body.

Wide Range of Health Programs

Eating right, getting enough exercise and sleep sometimes aren’t enough to manage anxiety and stress. The feeling of losing one’s sense of self while catering to others can lead a person down a dark path of depression. Reclaiming daylight in one’s life is possible with a healthy response. By offering only organic foods and chlorine free water, toxins are flushed from the body moving one closer to happiness. Our yoga and meditation programs help your mind relax with the introduction of deep breathing. We offer holistic counselling as well as personal growth and transformation psychology to guide you in a positive direction. Our experience with Ayurvedic healing contributes to your mental and physical state.

Counselling Retreats in Australia

Our private facilities offer beach front or park side views affording rejuvenating vistas for distressed minds. Enjoy the chlorine-free heated pool, spa, and sauna to melt away stress and worry. We offer holistic counselling sessions and customised meals in the privacy of your apartment, furnishing you with a calming space to detoxify and unwind is our way of assisting you on the road to a happier disposition. Our experience in holistic counselling, life coaching, and Ayurveda ensures you receive positive balance to cope with life.

Natural Health Services

Our natural approach to conquering mental and emotional distress delivers positive results. Overcoming loss associated with death or divorce can be achieved with our private counselling sessions in the privacy of your well-appointed apartment. Our healing herb gardens provide natural remedies to detoxify the body to overcome addictions. Our experience in Ayurveda is instrumental in delivering holistic well-being aiding in the relief of stress, anxiety, and depression. Your relationships will others will become balanced and easier to manage.

Suffering from mental and emotional distress doesn’t require hours with a licensed therapist. We offer three-, five-, seven- and ten-day packages that remove you from a toxic environment and allow sunlight to shine in your life again. Contact us for information on our customisable packages offering rejuvenation and transformation for a positive outlook and refreshing experience. Your mind and body will thank you.