Permaculture Sunshine Coast Accommodation amongst Gardens

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Permaculture is a practical design philosophy, providing the  foundation and practical design tools to enable the creation of sustainable organic healthy human habitats. Beach Health Retreats long term permaculture goal involves assisting individuals to  live a satsifying, holistic and healthy life  within and while contributing to a healthy sustainable world.

Permaculture design planning and principles are being utilized at Beach Health Retreat to ensure the entire site  grounds and building are as healthy organic and sustainable as possible. This includes using only organic inputs for the gardens and grounds, and utilizing natural non-alergenic and biodegradable cleaning products throughout building and apartments.  Useful & appropriate native, food and medicinal plants have been planted in the Health Retreat gardens.

Permaculture accommodation and health retreat services at Beach Health Retreats are located in the heart of the Queenslands beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia.

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Sunshine Coast Permaculture with Beach Health Retreat

Beach Health Retreat has its own supply of organic food and herbs grown on site. The majority of food provided to guests is sourced from other local organic permaculture community garden projects mainly from Noosa Forest Retreat also on the Sunshine Coast.

Beach health Retreat is a project with co-operative links to a number of other organic and permaculture projects including; the local organic permaculture community gardens and hinterland organic permaculture community. We offer a permaculture community, as well as educational weekends and experiences focused on environmental and personal health. This can be offered both on site, or as part of a collaborative cooperative undertaking with the local permaculture community. For access to local permaculture services including property consultation and permaculture land sales see;

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Reducing Waste, Recycling, Composting, Creating Soil

Permaculture projects at Beach Health Retreat include a pilot energy audit study, which is setting a benchmark for energy, waste use, and production. Facilities  are being retrofitted with a whole range of eco products including compact  led lighting, chlorine free swimming, non alergenic cleaning, composting methods of various sorts, a worm farm and even a quiet electric lawnmower.

Food scraps and leftover cardboard are gathered from the residents and put through the compost gardens reducing our waste. There are a number of local residents that live with very minimal impact for western standards.  Some manage without a motor vehicle, drawing food from the local gardens and composting all of there left overs back into the garden.


Reducing The Footprint

Facilities such as pools, spa, outdoor kitchen and grounds are shared by all residents and guests, again reducing the footprint truly sustainable living requires. Meals are prepared locally, utilizing organic food sourced from our own permaculture gardens both on site and at the local permaculture Sunshine Coast community gardens.

Extra food from the permaculture Sunshine Coast gardens is also traded with other local gardeners and the health food store in exchange for items we are not growing.

Permaculture Education, study & internships

Permaculture education on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast;  from introductory courses to the world renowned Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and internships are regularly either offered or sponsored by Beach Health Retreat.