Testimonials For Beach Health Retreat

The most wholistic Health Retreat on the coast.
– Dr Gabriel Cousens, M.D.


Wow!  So many beautiful feelings and emotions are with me as I get ready to leave my retreat. I am very grateful for the privacy and one one one attention given to me as part of my personal retreat. Thank you so much for the love that I have felt in these last three days.  Thank you for your nutritious meals and for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me.  So grateful for this gift of deeper understanding, inspiration and enlightenment. What you have created here is priceless;  if I had to put a dollar value, it would be in the billions! So grateful!

Daniela. Melbourne


Hi Deb,

… I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.
As I reflect on my stay I feel truly blessed. I came to you for nutrition and balance and come away with so, so much more. I feel like a big bundle of positive energy and can sense my old self coming back, only stronger and wiser.
Huge thanks to you and Ian for helping me to get back on track. Thank you for your guidance, nurturing, love and support – it was just what the doctor ordered!



Hi Deb & Ian

My stay with you at Beach Health Retreat was probably the most enlightening experiences of my life!  At a time where I had no idea which direction my life should take, your counselling, yoga, patience & massage treatments have opened my ideas to a life where anything is possible.  I have realised that there is so much more out there in this world to do, & even at my time of life, lots I have to offer.

You have helped me identify my passions, & over the last few days of being back home, my mind has been inundated with ideas.  I no longer feel as my usefulness is over.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I most certainly will return.

Blessings to you both & your family.

Kay, Brisbane


Dear Deb and Ian,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me during my stay at your Beach Health Retreat.

The accommodation and the meals were absolutely beautiful. Staying on the beach was just awesome, so great to have the beach at my door step!

I really appreciate your warm, nurturing energy, your wisdom, patience and thorough guidance through my programme.

Your counselling was just amazing, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my life. I’m now thinking in a new, more productive way and have a new refreshing perspective. My head feels much clearer and more focused. I want to dive into my life now with enthusiasm and confidence.

The yoga sessions and rejuvenating treatments were awesome. I really feel so much more connected and my heart feels so much more open.

Thank you! I am so grateful to you both.

I just think everyone should come and stay with you guys and begin the journey to heal their lives!

Thank you so much again

Warmest regards,  Krissy. Port Douglas


I had been snappy and hating myself. At the completion of 4 days at Beach Health Retreat I feel alive and well. I look in the mirror and like even love what I see. I feel more aware of my physical strength and feel happiness within myself.

Shelley, New Zealand

Some of the best moments of my life while at Beach Health Retreat!

Mary, Victoria


Thank you so very much for providing this unforgettable experience and for your kind hospitality. We appreciate the fantastic service given to us. We thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us, and valued every second we had of your time, and our time in this amazing resort at Beach Health Retreat. Dani & Jose


The most amazing massage I’ve ever had, absolutely wonderful! Thankyou for supplying me some of your hand blended organic massage oils, my skin has never felt so good.  Thank you. Sally, Sydney.


Thank you for providing me with a new perspective, energy and inspiration to work with what I formally thought was a hopeless situation.  Richard, NSW.


“Ian’s spirit of analysis is unmatched.”

Professor Doctor P.H. Kulkarnie BAMS (Poona India) PH.D.(Hons)D.Sc(Ayurveda) PAX MUNDI Fellowship award in Australia.


     I feel complete now.  Caiti, NSW


I feel like reaching out and giving my Dad a big hug…… I can’t wait to get back into my life.   Mark, Brisbane


I loved the food. It had a freshness quality about it that I have not experienced before. We do have lots of organics at home but nothing as fresh as that. I haven’t even experienced that at veggie restaurants. The salads in particular were beautiful.  Ross,  Queensland.


Dear Deb and Ian,

To help me with a career transition, I participated in a program at the Beach Health Retreat.

Following my retreat, I met a potential partner… 2 years on, we have just returned from a trip to Europe where he asked me to marry him – he’s a wonderful man and I said yes.

I want to say a big thank you – for your guidance and support.  At the time, I left you with a new view on health, well-being, myself and an open mind about finding love.  I plan for us to visit you for a refresh in the near future.

Kind regards,

Michelle Dabraio